AAW Shares Vision with Corporate Leaders for 2nd Business IAC Meeting

AAW Shares Vision with Corporate Leaders for 2nd Business IAC Meeting

The Faculty of Business at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) organized its 2nd Industry Advisory Council (IAC) meeting on April 10, 2018, which saw faculty members from the Accounting and HRM majors welcome distinguished guests from Abu Dhabi Police, Ayla Hotels and Resorts, Abu Dhabi Chamber and Al Jamal Medical Centre.

The IAC is a group of elite partners of the AAW’s Faculty of Business, which aims to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the Industry/community and AAW through discussion and a variety of plans of action.

Mr. Douglas Henderson, AAW Senior Manager for Academic Services and Advising, representing Ms. Hamsa Saleh, AAW College Director, delivered the welcome address. This was followed by an overview of the objectives of this gathering by Dr. Khwaja Khan, AAW Business Division Chair.

In their speeches, Mr. Henderson and Dr. Khan reiterated the importance of such collaborations between the Industry and Academia. They also vowed to uphold the college’s commitment to support the Faculty of Business’s efforts to provide and create opportunities for our students and graduates with the help of its partners, employment, work placement, and volunteers.

The event, which was attended by all Business faculty and staff, was divided into two parts:

The first section provided the guests with general information on the Faculty of Business, its current programs, and the new Innovation and Entrepreneurship program which will be offered to the students later in 2018.

The presentation also covered IAC’s aim and the Council’s three main areas of interest:

  • Area One: Students (Internships, Work Placement, summer work, volunteer work, Industry-related research projects, job opportunities, etc.).
  • Area Two: Our College/our department (field trips, sponsorships, new programs advising, industry suggestions, guest speakers, events, competitions, research opportunities, research funding, etc.).
  • Area Three: Our Industry partners (areas where HCT & AAW can support industry such as providing on the job/off the job training, lectures, etc.).

Part two of the day saw round-table discussions being held on the employability skills needed for the job market and on the areas where AAW can assist its industry partners in developing their own employees. During this session, the attendees were split into discussion groups that came up with recommendations and action items.

When asked about the future of this Council, AAW Business Division Chair, Dr. Khwaja Khan said: “The AAW Business Industry Advisory Council will meet twice a year – one meeting per academic semester – and will involve more partners from the industry representing a more diverse market representation.”

“It has been suggested that the Council’s meetings are to be held during HCT PD weeks and that Business faculty to be assigned as future college contact with each specific industry partner,” he added.

Source : hct.ac.ae