ADHD Exhibition at KSU

ADHD Exhibition at KSU

On the 16th of October 2018, the Community Partnership at KSU has established an educational outreach exhibit “Eshraq 2” in cooperation with the Saudi ADHD Society. The exhibit was launched by Her Highness Princess Nouf bint Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Saud the Chairman of the Society and the Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs Dr. Einas S. Al-Eisa.

Eshraq is the first non-profit community association established in 2009 to support parents of ADHD children .

The exhibit witnessed the participation of various colleges at the University. The College of Medicine addressed the issue by correcting the misconceptions on the hyperactivity disorder, while the College of Dentistry described how they deal with people affected by it within the clinics. The College of Pharmacy addressed two sides of the issue; the appropriate nutrition for the children with Hyperactivity Disorder, and the games that help them to focus and guide their movement. Moreover, the College of Education discussed the pedagogical practices of the Child.

Participation was not confined to colleges only, but the disabilities student Centre was actively involved, there was also a various third-party participation, such as Tamayuz Center, Ajaweed Center and King Faisal Specialist Hospital Who provided a free consultation on the hyper-activity disorder. Furthermore, the exhibition included interactive activities, a debate board and medical consultations.

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