ADU showcases DIY scientific experiments at Abu Dhabi Science Festival

ADU showcases DIY scientific experiments at Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Abu Dhabi University (ADU), an internationally recognized academic institution for quality education and applied research, is demonstrating a series of simple and fun do-it-yourself science experiments to schoolchildren at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival (ADSF) 2019, one of the region’s largest science festivals.

The science experiments are designed to simplify scientific theories and expose children to a wide variety of concepts such as surface tension, colloids, solutions and polymers, explained using a combination of everyday materials and objects. ADU’s stand at the festival will feature six engaging demonstrations including milk art, snow fluff, slime, oblique, inflated balloon, water electrolysis and water fireworks.

Dr. Gehan Labib, Associate Professor of Parasitology and Science Festival Coordinator for ADU, commented, “As one of the UAE’s leading universities, it is truly exciting to be a part of this year’s Abu Dhabi Science Festival and meet the young bright minds of tomorrow we hope to someday welcome to our campuses. By demonstrating entertaining science experiments, we are able to bring complex science concepts to life while enriching the learning experience for visiting students and the wider community, making science more fun and appealing to future scientists and innovators.”

During the festival, ADU will be hosting the ‘Fascinating Science’ workshop for students between the ages five and 15 that will focus on exploring surface tension theories using marshmallows, understanding the polymers that make up slime, the polarity of water that will be illustrated through a fireworks experiment, as well as explaining the power of chemical reactions through inflatable balloons.

ADU has encouraged its students to volunteer at the event as an extracurricular activity, recruiting a team of 100 students to provide ADSF with on-ground support throughout the event. A team of 18 students and four volunteers are leading the ‘Fascinating Science’ workshop, along with Dr. Labib.

The workshops will be open to the public from 2pm to 10pm over the weekend, and from 4pm to 10pm on weekdays. School students will be able to visit the festival exclusively during weekdays from 8.30am-1.30pm.

ADU encourages students and festival-goers to visit its stand located in Zone 4 at A’l Bahar on the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

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