ADU Student Housing Social Activities

ADU Student Housing Social Activities

Fitness and Funfair with Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi at ADU Female Dorms
A successful Fitness and Funfair event was organized by the Residence Life Unit and the Resident Assistants to help the students relax and enjoy the perfect getaway from any anxiety. Two of Abu Dhabi’s top academic institutions came together under one roof for this exciting event. Students from Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi were invited to enjoy a Zumba session and participate in fun games including bingo, a spaghetti challenge, a giant snakes and ladders game, hanged balloon game and more. They also had the chance to win amazing prizes. A photo booth was organized so students could take funny and crazy pictures to remember this outstanding event.

At the end, ADU souvenirs were handed out to the guests as a token of thanks for their attendance. All students had a great time connecting with each other and making friendships. The event was a beautiful way to celebrate the diversity of students and help them to connect through their creativity and ideas. There were many humorous moments, and everyone had a good laugh, which made working out during the Zumba session a lot of fun.
Fitness and Meditation Evening at ADU Male Dorm

When you are at university, having the correct mindset is crucial to success and exercise can actually improve your mood, focus, and memory. Exercise is also a great way to relieve stress.
Health and fitness is the key to a long, active and enjoyable life. It is correctly said that health is wealth that a person can retain. Although we are often busy with our daily activities, it is essential to enhance our knowledge about staying healthy and fit.

To this end, the Resident Assistants collaborated with the Housing & Residence Life Unit to organize a Fitness and Meditation event at the Male Dorm. The event was designed to educate students about the psychological and physical benefits of living a healthy, fit life.

Students also received instruction on the correct way to use the gym equipment. All the attendees came together to have a great time and, to wrap it up, a meditation session was held to achieve inner peace and relieve anxiety.

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