American University In The Emirates Offers 100 Scholarships

American University In The Emirates Offers 100 Scholarships

American University in the Emirates (AUE), located in Dubai International Academic City, on Sunday announced 100 scholarships worth around Dh20 million in total.

AUE officials said the announcement is in line with the Year of Zayed (2018), a UAE government initiative that, together with the private sector, is launching various programmes inspired by the legacy and values of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s founding father.
The year 2018 marks 100 years since the birth of Shaikh Zayed.

On Sunday, AUE President Professor Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq said during a press conference: “This year, as we celebrate [the legacy of Shaikh Zayed], these scholarship opportunities will first be given to the wives and children of martyrs, followed by scholarships to be granted to prisoners in penal institutions where they are able to access educational resources and use these to the fullest, in order to better their lives.”

He added: “A special grant will also be given to athletes from around the world. We seek to secure these aspects of our society and pave the way for more people to better [equip] themselves for various job roles and learn to be responsible. As an educational institute, it is our duty to facilitate the way for our children and contribute to the progress of this nation as a whole.”

Applicants are required to have “a good result” in their high school certificate and a certain level of English language proficiency to qualify for the scholarship. They are also required to undergo tests by the university and meet the faculty in order for the university to decide on their eligibility. This also helps to determine and identify the best possible field of study for the student, AUE said.
An important consideration for every student who qualifies is that they must maintain a constant CGPA [Cumulative Grade Point Average] of around 3.6 for undergraduate and masters programmes.

The scholarships are open to students of all nationalities, based in the UAE or abroad, provided they meet all eligibility criteria.

AUE, founded in 2006, has colleges of Media and Mass Communication; Business Administration; Law; Fine Arts and Design; Computer Information Technology; and Education.

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