An Encounter with Dr. Prof. Priyanka P V – Education is her “lifeline”

An Encounter with Dr. Prof. Priyanka P V  – Education is her “lifeline”
By Adil Matin – Chief Editor

Who is Dr.Prof.Priyanka P V?

Dr.Prof.Priyanka.P V is a young and an ambitious professor. I impart education to post graduate students in the field of management. I am a passionate educationist, professor, mentor to her students and an author too.
I started my journey as a professor in my early 20s. Dr.Prof.Priyanka. P V has presented and published more than 30 research papers at leading institutions like Harvard University, Indian Institute of Management, Indian School of Business to name a few. I am an editorial board member for several journals in management. I have received recognition for her outstanding contribution to the field of education, teaching and research.

What is Prof.Dr.Priyanka.P.V all about?

Passion, Commitment, Dedication and Hard Work is what describes Prof.Dr.Priyanka.P.V. My motive is student development and helping them achieve their career goals. My expertise lies in molding students irrespective of which part of the world or culture the student belongs to. My focus is on class delivery. I spreads a lot of positive energy to her students.
Students love me for the care, patience and time that I have to listen to my students, hear their problems and give solutions. Every problem, students tell me, I give a solution to that problem.

What is your educational background?

Dr.Prof.Priyanka. P V is a MBA from Bangalore University and a PhD from Jain University in Bangalore, India. She also did two additional courses in management from leading institutes like Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

How was your childhood?

My childhood was filled with challenges. I had a lot of health challenges which I faced bravely as a child. I had to undergo 5 surgeries and I had memory loss too. Apart from my health challenges, I was bullied too as a student.
Despite all the challenges I faced, I still chose the path of education and with determination to achieve in the field of education and teaching. I am here to make a difference to the world in the field of education, teaching and research which is my passion.

Who do you consider as your strength to achieve in life?

My strength to achieve in life comes from my parents – Mr. Venkat P and Mrs. Sashi Venkat and my grandmother Mrs.S.N.Rajyam. They have been my biggest support system throughout my life. They give me a lot of guidance and encouragement in everything that I have done to date. I also get lot encouragement, motivation and support from my extended family, they are my two aunts Radhika and Madhuri who are in Seattle, US and Chennai, India.
I have got tremendous encouragement from all my school and college teachers. They have always been there for me to guide me at every stage of life.
Last but not the least, are my best friends across the world who have been there with me through my ups and downs of life.

What made you get into the field of teaching?

I never thought I would be a teacher one day. I got an opportunity after my MBA to give a guest lecture to about 100 students. The workshop was a success and that one chance I got made me realize that my core strength is teaching and imparting education to students.
From then, to date there is no turning back for me. I have rich experience in teaching post graduate students in the field of management. I am in this world to teach, educate and make a difference to the student community. When I see students achieve, it gives me immense joy and satisfaction of being a teacher.
I live in the world of education, teaching, education and research. My students are my energy, my innovation in teaching pedagogy gives me the happiness of contributing something new to the style in which the subject is taught and research helps me to keep myself up to date with the present industry changes and trends in the market.

How did research come into your life?

I started the activity of research during my post graduation days. I wrote a paper for a national conference in a college on leadership and it got selected. After that, I went on writing research papers on various management topics. At a young age, I had more than 30 research papers published and presented at leading institutions.

What made you start writing books?

During my BBM days when my mother used to see me make notes, she would always tell me to write books and spread knowledge to others. Least did I know that I would do it one fine day.
Today, I feel very happy to be writing an academic book titled “Product and Brand Management for the most reputed publisher which is Pearson Publications. Also, I am writing a niche book on social media marketing titled “Go Social, Click Performance- How to Increase Your Company’s Success Though the Use of Social Media” for Business Expert Press.

Who is your role model?

My role model is Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. The reason he is my role model is because he loved students. He interacted a lot with students and was of the opinion that they are the future of the nation.

What sets you apart as a professor?

As a professor, I love students. Student enthusiasm and energy makes me to innovate and teach them something new everyday. Management subjects are taught differently by Prof.Dr.Priyanka. P V. The approach used by Dr.Prof.Priyanka P V includes the use of innovative teaching tools to teach various marketing and management subjects. A few tools used includes usage of addictive games like Candy Crush and Temple run were used to teach strategic management and international business, songs to teach globalization, cartoons, snippets were used to teach my subjects. Social media was also used as a pedagogical tool to teach marketing, share information to my students.
Prof.Dr.Priyanka.P.V’s specialty is she uses the daily gadgets, that students use and develops a linkage to the subject. I has used technology to bring out the creativity among students. I am known to give a different experience on the subject.
What sets me apart as a professor is my ability to teach in a simple way that can be understood by all. As a professor, I believe in making my classes interesting, engaging and filled with learning and fun.
In summation, what sets me apart as a professor is “Innovation” and “Simplicity”

What makes students love you?

When a teacher is genuine, honest, sincere and loving, students can identify these qualities very easily. As a teacher, I am a person who believes in getting results from students and at the same time, I ensure that I shower love on them too. Students love me because I am a friend, mentor and a guide to the student community. In today’s generation, students need teachers whom they can look up to not just on the subject matter but for their professional and personal development too.
As a teacher, I have had discussions with students over a cup of coffee and even gone out for lunch with them. We as professors should associate with students in an informal manner so that they can relate, associate and open up with us. It gives an opportunity for us as teachers to know students in a better manner and help them out in every possible way.

Have you received recognition for your work ?

I have received multiple awards for my contribution to the field of education and research. A few awards include Jain University-Distinguished Alunmni Award-2017, AIMS-Outstanding Young Woman Management Teacher Award, Outstanding Contribution For Education Excellence in Karnataka, Prime Time Media, New Delhi, 2016, Oustanding Academic Scholar, Alliance University Alumini Association, 2015 Indian Achievers Award in the field of Education and Research, New Delhi – 2014 Global Achievers Awards for Excellence in Education, Dubai – 2014 Pride of India Award In Education, Bangalore, 2014 MTC Global Award of Excellence in Innovative Teaching Pedagogy, Bangalore- September,2014 Young Educator and Researcher Award, Coimbatore – September, 2014

Do you do anything to contribute to community engagement?

Social service is what I love doing. I also encourage students as well to do social service. Social service makes the student community realize that they are blessed and teaches them to be grateful for whatever they have in life. I am sponsoring two children for education at World Vision India. I does fund raising activities for an orphanage which has specially challenged kids and also has been instrumental in teaching specially challenged students at a BBM, MBA and PhD level.

Are you a part of any public speaking group? How does it help you?

I am part of 3 toastmaster clubs in Dubai. I am a part of Dubai Advanced Toastmaster Club, Greens Dubai Toastmaster Club and Burj Toastmaster Club. I have won many awards in Toastmasters too. I am a Pathways Guide for District 105. Toastmasters gives me a platform to network, learn and improve myself as well.

What do you wish to achieve in the field of education?

I wish to be the most sought after professor and should be known for my innovative teaching pedagogy and surrounded with students always. I want to make a difference to every student who comes to me, motivate and guide them to achieve and become someone big in life.

As you are into education, why don’t you consider giving a TED talk as TED is all about “Ideas Worth Spreading?

I am going to deliver my TED talk conducted by Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Dubai on February 3rd, 2018. My TED Talk is titled “The ECG Formula”. The ECG Formula encapsulates my journey in a nut shell with the prime focus on education, innovation, research and teaching and technology. The ECG Formula has been coined by Prof.Dr.Priyanka.P.V and those who use this will be successful leaders, teachers, educators and researchers.

What is the advice you would give to youngsters today?

The advice I would give youngsters today is:
a. Think out of the box
b. Grab every opportunity in the field that is your passion
c. Work hard and success will follow you
d. There is no short cut to achieving and making it big.
e. Face challenges boldly
f. Work silent and stay humble

In one line describe yourself ?

Dr Prof Priyanka P V is born to be a teacher , impart and inspire millions of students to achieve.

Dr. Prof. Priyanka P V can be contacted on

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