AUK Graphic Design Students Among Winners of TypoDay 2018 Poster Competition

AUK Graphic Design Students Among Winners of TypoDay 2018 Poster Competition

Four graphic design students were chosen as winners of a typography competition called Beauty, Form, and Function in Typography hosted by the TypoDay 2018 Conference in Mumbai, India.

The competition called for international students and professionals alike to design a poster using one letter, one word, many words, or even a paragraph composed of words.

Out of hundreds of entries, students Dima Jadayel, Hassan Awad, Leena Alhawary, and Hossein Shirazi have been chosen as winners. The designs will be included in a book containing a collection of 25 winning designs to be displayed in the Typography Conference and Workshop to be held in March.

This marks the sixth year that AUK graphic design students in the Typography Level III class, have participated in this poster competition and have made it onto the winners’ list. Graphic design Professor Maryam Hosseinnia explains that, “This competition allows the students to experiment, to push their creative skills, and to interpret and express the theme of the competition using type in an artistic way.”

The Art and Graphic Design Department degree program offers a balance of theory and practice in the art and science of visual communication. The program cultivates cultural and aesthetic sensibilities while emphasizing critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving through the teaching of design history, methodology and technologies in order to produce designers capable of meaningful design in a diverse global community.

The winning artworks can be viewed at: