AUK Inaugurates Alumni Fair

AUK Inaugurates Alumni Fair

The Department of Alumni Affairs and Career Development (AACD) at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) inaugurated its Alumni Fair to provide alumni entrepreneurs a platform to promote their businesses to the AUK campus community.

The Alumni Fair featured 14 alumni businesses including, AAB World, Flare Fitness, Wild Coffee Bar, Loopty Loop, Moo Milkbar, Magnet, Kucha Sushi, Layan Jewelry, La Cantine, Bon, Sai Garden, Fikra Program, meemdesigns, and Anwar Behbehani. These businesses showcased an array of products and services such as craft, food, beverages, and lifestyle. Similarly, this event also highlighted the AACD’s Alumni Multipurpose Booth service, which enables alumni to promote their businesses on campus for a certain amount of time.

In commenting on their participation, various alumni noted the significant impact of AUK’s holistic support in launching their career; Ghadeer Ali (class of 2013) noted, “That’s what family does for each other!” she said as she showcased her crochet business Loopty Loop.

Similarly, Class of 2016’s Maryam Qamber (class of 2016) reflected on her career journey whilst exhibiting her glass artwork. She highlighted that studying at AUK helped her clarify what she wanted to do in the future. “Being back here with my own business brings back a rush of beautiful memories on how the journey began and how nothing is impossible. You just have to believe.”

Coordinator of Alumni Affairs, Jena Al-Awadhi commented on the event’s success, saying, “We admire our alumni’s drive and passion to pursue different career fields, which often time include entering entrepreneurial routes. Through our daily engagements, we have learned that many of our alumni have not only pursued different career paths, but have immensely succeeded in doing so. This event promotes our alumni as entrepreneurs and showcases their success stories, leadership, and innovation.”

This event also launched the AACD’s efforts to celebrate November as the International Career Development month where they plan to host workshops to guide students and alumni with their career paths.

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