AUK’s Department of Art & Graphic Design Hosts Award-Winning Director

AUK’s Department of Art & Graphic Design Hosts Award-Winning Director

The Department of Art and Graphic Design at AUK-in collaboration with the British Council, hosted a lecture presented by Jonas Grimas, an award-winning Swedish film and television director. The lecture, entitled, Less is More – The Art of Directing, was open to members of the AUK community and the public. The talk gave the audience insight into the director’s role in creating a film.

Grimas talked about the misconceptions that many people have about a director’s responsibilities. Many believe that a good director is what makes a movie great, but Grimas demonstrated how the whole production team plays an essential role in creating a high-quality movie. He inspired aspiring filmmakers by telling them that trust is the most important aspect in a production team. According to Grimas, trust is the quality that allows a team to perform miracles, not the level of expertise or fame of a single member of the group.

After the lecture, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions ranging from advice on making their first films, to getting more insight into the filmmaking process. Grimas encouraged audience members to find a team of people they trust and to keep working on their films, no matter how small.

Reflecting on the event, Professor William Andersen, Chair of the Art and Graphic Design Department commented, “Collaborating with the British Council Kuwait and the London Film School to bring in the famous London-based filmmaker Jonas Grimas for a talk at AUK was a win-win for all involved. While many of our students have an interest in filmmaking, our department currently only covers the basics of film production. Guest lecturers like Mr. Grimas that are willing to share their personal and professional experiences, skills, and knowledge have the potential to open up whole new worlds for our students’ futures. We are grateful for the partnership with the British Council and look forward to further cultural collaboration.”

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