AUM Students Test Graduation Projects in Virtual Reality

AUM Students Test Graduation Projects in Virtual Reality

Engineering students at the American University of the Middle East (AUM) spent the semester learning the technical aspects of virtual reality (VR) and how to create a demo that reflects their projects’ ideas.

Information Systems and Technology senior students (IST) and Telecommunications and Networking Technology senior students (TNT) were part of a virtual reality program at AUM, where they were asked to develop and test their graduation projects using VR equipment.

Through a series of VR headset-on demos, students were exposed to potential uses of virtual reality that include 3D models.

Virtual reality reinforces software designing and development, enhances creative learning, and promotes teamwork as students share a platform throughout class activities.

Unlike other software that provide slides and static imagery, where all students receive and deliver the same idea in the same way, virtual reality gives students the opportunity to interpret their own understanding and creativity to the best of their potential. It gives them full control of their avatar and allows them to explore and interact independently.

Through its full-fledged campus and continuously updated teaching tools, AUM seeks to promote its educational philosophy and increase students’ motivation by allowing them to create, innovate and keep learning.