AUS highlights its campus diversity at Spring 2019 Club Fair

AUS highlights its campus diversity at Spring 2019 Club Fair

Renowned for its multicultural diversity and vibrant campus life throughout the region, American University of Sharjah (AUS) held its Spring 2019 Club Fair at the university’s Student Center today, February 11. The opening day of the two-day event was attended by a large number of students as well senior university officials, including AUS Chancellor Dr. Björn Kjerfve.

Held at the beginning of every semester, the event saw 74 student clubs and organizations taking part this Spring, introducing students, especially freshmen, to the university’s multinational ethnic and interest-oriented clubs. The event provides students with an opportunity to take pride in the cultural heritage of the many nationalities represented on campus. Known internationally for its diversity, AUS has students from more than 90 nationalities currently enrolled.

Organized by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), the event also allows students to pursue their personal interests outside the classroom, as well as build leadership skills. This semester 26 cultural clubs, 15 interest-oriented clubs, six OSA units and students associations as well as the Student Council are participating in the event. Two new clubs – Pi Tau Sigma from the College of Engineering and the AUS Jiu Jitsu Club – also made their debut at the fair this semester.

Speaking on the occasion, Munketh Taha, Director of Student Development and Organizations, and Acting Director of Student Athletics and Recreation, said:

“We have 74 student clubs and organizations participating in this Club Fair. Our students are always looking forward to this much-awaited event every semester. It is a platform where they can display and promote their culture, academic majors, interests and talents. Club Fair is a rich practice field where our students hone their skills in leadership, team-work, planning, organizing, budgeting and many other activities. Thirty five percent of the 74 participating clubs and organizations are academically linked and most have international affiliations as student chapters at AUS. Club Fair is a lively and colorful expression of our students’ varied passions.”

Student Mariam Al-Qassimi, Head of AUS Student Council, said: “The Club Fair represents a fantastic opportunity for new students to learn about the various activities and events they can participate in, which hone their skills and build their characters.”

She added: “The Club Fair helps with the preparation for the upcoming Global Day. Many students join the student clubs and association because they want to participate in Global Day, which truly reflects student diversity on campus.”

The Club Fair will continue until tomorrow, February 12, 2019.

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