Blood Donation Campaign at Ajman University

Blood Donation Campaign at Ajman University

The Community Service Unit of the Community Engagement at Ajman University, in collaboration with the Mobile Blood Bank of Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Services Center, organized a blood donation campaign in support of Thalassemia patients and accident victims.

This event, organized by the Community Service Unit, is a belief, in the importance of donating blood as a humanitarian work that helps save the lives of patients in need of blood transfusion, such as those suffering from bleeding due to accidents, surgeries and thalassemia patients.

The campaign attracted a great number of students and staff to participate in this humanitarian campaign, which resulted in the collection of more than 60 units of blood.

Regular blood donation reduces the incidence of stroke, increases the activity of the bone marrow in the production of new blood cells, and eliminate excess iron in the body.

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