Cloud of Hope Team Returns From Kerala after Providing Medical Support to Flood Victims

Cloud of Hope Team Returns From Kerala after Providing Medical Support to Flood Victims

Cloud of Hope Team, led by students of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), and composed of volunteers from GCC has concluded its rescue mission in Kerala State, where they provided medical care to flood victims. They marked their visit with tremendous success, added the accomplishments made by the team in their previous missions. Following the success of its first mission in the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania last year, the team worked to help hundreds of children, women, elders and orphans in Kerala, which was hit by floods caused by rain and monsoons.

The Cloud of Hope team provided medical care with immunisations and preventive guidelines for infectious diseases in exceptional circumstances. Furthermore, they provided educational support to needy people, orphans and students in a number of rural areas in Kerala and visited some medical centers and orphanages to raise awareness. They also offered essential vaccinations and training in first aid, in addition to conducting basic examinations, providing medicines, school bags and symbolic gifts for children and orphans.

Commenting on this initiative, Dr. Amer Al Ansari, President of the Department of Physiology in AGU, said: “It was a unique humanitarian experience in which medical students and a number of young volunteers were able to help and assist the needy. This experience adds to their medical record as it was a practical training under difficult and exceptional conditions that are not usually available in the Gulf countries. We as professors and academics are very proud to be able to graduate generations of doctors aware of the sanctity of their profession and its humanitarian mission. AGU’s students of medicine are the ones who adopted this wonderful initiative and made individual efforts to provide relief to those in need, motivated by humanity and volunteerism.”

From his part, Yousif Al Tandeel, who launched this initiative, said that the objective of this gesture is to give hope and spread volunteerism culture in every corner.

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