GUST Hosts High School Mathematics Competition for the Fifth Time

GUST Hosts High School Mathematics Competition for the Fifth Time

GUST hosted the Annual High School Mathematics Competition for the fifth time on its campus yesterday. The competition, sponsored by That Al-Salasil, brought together nearly 50 students from 12 private schools across Kuwait, aims to promote the importance of mathematics among the youth through a friendly competition that puts their skills to practical use.

The first year just four schools participated in the competition. This year, 12 schools took part including: Canadian Bilingual School, Dasman Bilingual School, American Creativity Academy (Boys), Al-Ru’ya Bilingual School, Ajial Bilingual School (Boys), Ajial Bilingual School (Girls), British School of Kuwait, Universal American School of Kuwait, Lycée Français de Koweït, Future Bilingual School, Kuwait National English School, and the American International School.

Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ali Ansari, said “We are thrilled to be able to connect to the community and organize such an activity to encourage the youth to get more invested in their education in a fun yet practical manner to demonstrate how to implement what they learn in the classroom.”

Students were able to compete both in teams and individually. Top performing individuals also progressed to participate in a live buzzer round. The questions covered several areas including basic math skills, logical thinking, and real-life situations with questions ranging from travel distance calculations to valuing metal composites.

The winners of this year’s competition were:

Individual Competition

1st Place: Anas Chentouf (American International School)
2nd Place: David Sanwoolu (American International School)
3rd Place: Yousef El-Tantawy (American International School)

Team Competition

1st Place: American International School
2nd Place: British School of Kuwait
3rd Place: Universal American School

GUST is always keen on organizing events such as this competition, as it is directly in line with its mission of connecting and building relationships with the community, boosting development in its areas of expertise, and sparking interest in overlooked areas of education.

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