GUST Welcomes Freshmen to Annual Student Orientation

GUST Welcomes Freshmen to Annual Student Orientation

GUST hosted its annual student orientation at its campus center on Thursday. Organized before the start of every Fall Semester, the orientation allows new students to get all the information they need to start their academic year with confidence, and to ensure a smooth transition into university life.

The program began with a meet and greet reception, where new students got together in the main campus building, and were treated to snacks as they mingled with their new colleagues, and met with different student clubs. This was followed by speeches from the university President, Professor Walid Bouhamra, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Salah Al Sharhan, Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Raghad Al Kazemi, and a screening of GUST’s orientation video in the campus center area, which was prepared for the students to introduce them to the facility, services, and the key people they will interact with throughout their time at GUST. The orientation video briefed the students on the various support departments they can make use of during their time at the university, such as the Once Stop Center, the Office of Student Life, and the Athletics Department.

GUST President, Professor Walid Bouhamra, said, “Every new batch of students we get is an opportunity for us to inspire them to find their calling in life. It is often during the formative university years that one identifies and begins to hone his or her passion. With this orientation, we send a clear message that GUST is by their side from the very beginning to help them become who they want to be.”

The event was also attended by EYAS Board Members, GUST senior management members, deans, heads of departments, faculty members, and staff. Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Raghad Al Kazemi, also added, “As Dean of Student Affairs it is my duty to ensure a harmonious transition for our students from high school into university life. This is why it is our mission and priority to provide all of the guidance and support they need to be successful here, and later on in life.”

The orientation concluded with an open campus tour where students visited lecture theatres, computer labs, science labs, the Fitness Center, the TV & radio studios, and the university’s Gulf Financial Center, which is an advanced trading room simulator. During the tour, students met GUST faculty and staff members, asked questions, familiarized themselves with the university, and enjoyed food, a live band performance, and the activities set up around campus.

Head of OSL, Anwar Al Sabah, said, “Our goal is to facilitate the new student’s transition. By joining in on the orientation, we give them and their families the opportunity to get to know us better, and familiarize themselves with our campus, faculty members, and the different departments. Each year we give the orientation a different theme to make each orientation unique, and as a way to introduce freshmen to the dynamic and energetic nature of GUST. This year’s theme is “GUST goes green”, where we promote recycling, reusing, and other various methods that help save the environment.”

The orientation welcomes GUST’s 17th batch of freshmen, since it was founded in 2002. The university, which is affiliated with University of Saint Louis of Missouri in the US, holds 5 international accreditations, and is ranked as the number one private university in Kuwait. It houses two colleges, offers 8 degrees programs, in addition to an MBA program. Its faculty is sourced from the world’s leading academic institutions, and many of its graduates have gone on to establish successful businesses while others enjoy fulfilling professional careers.

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