HCT-RAK Parents See Future of Learning With Innovation Space Tour

HCT-RAK Parents See Future of Learning With Innovation Space Tour

Parents of HCT-RAK Foundations students were given a special treat after they have attended a meeting which was led by RAK Campuses’ Executive Director, Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, with a tour of the campuses’ ultra-modern Innovation Space.

More than 70 parents enjoyed listening to an overview about the Foundations Program, EMsat, IELTS, and Academic Success Center, Technical Skills program and HCT’s student admission and attendance policies.

By the end of the meeting parents learned about how their children can successfully pass the Foundations Program in order to start their major in Engineering, Business or IT.

Later they were escorted to visit the innovation space during which they listened to an introduction about how students will benefit from learning new skills, such as problem solving, thinking outside the box, searching for new solutions to traditional issues, 3D printing, Nano technology, engineering new mechanical parts, designing new IT and business solutions. The innovation space will also increase students’ employability in UAE’s job market.

Dr. Yahya promised parents to invite them regularly to the RAK campuses to keep them up to date with HCT’s new initiatives in RAK.