“Innovative Uses of Drones in Environmental and Sustainability Fields” Workshop Concludes

“Innovative Uses of Drones in Environmental and Sustainability Fields” Workshop Concludes

The “Innovative Uses of Drones in Environmental and Sustainability Fields” workshop, organised by Arabian Gulf University (AGU) in collaboration with the College of Natural and Health Sciences of Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, the UAE Ministry of Energy and Falcon Eye Drones on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, was concluded.

On this occasion, Associate Professor of Geoinformatics at the College of Graduate Studies at AGU Dr Ali Elbattay said, “The research workshop was attended by faculty members and students of the colleges of Natural and Health Sciences and Technical Innovation at Zayed University, besides a number of experts and specialists.”

The workshop also included an open-air demonstration of a remotely operated and controlled drone to clarify the capabilities of drones in the field of environmental survey through swift, efficient and cost-effective means.

“The integration of popular technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, and robots with drones has generated enormous potential for innovation in many sectors, particularly surveys and mapping,” he said, pointing out that it can be observed in a wide range of various growing industries.

Drone systems are one of the most innovative ways to collect information and geospatial data. They not only provide the ability to choose when, where, and what data to collect, but completely alter our understanding of phenomena that we study.

The workshop aimed to inform participants of the different aspects of drone usage: the technological specifications that characterise them, planning the tasks that can be entrusted to them and obtainment of implementable data.

The workshop participants carried out an ecological survey of Prosopis trees located on Yas Island, whose total area exceeds ten square kilometres, to obtain data that can be used in graduation projects of students who were enabled to identify promising developments in drone technology.

Source : agu.edu.bh