Launch of AU Club Fair 2018 Under the theme (Friendship – Sharing – Creativity)

Launch of AU Club Fair 2018 Under the theme (Friendship – Sharing – Creativity)

Dr. Karim Saghir, AU’s chancellor, opened the Student Clubs Exhibition this year under the theme “Friendship – Sharing and Creativity” in the presence of a number of university officials, deans of colleges, members of academic and administrative bodies and a large audience of students.

Hundreds of students attended the exhibition, which was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university, from different nationalities and colleges, which included 87 booths, 48 of them in the female section and 39 in the male’s. The Club fair reflected the interest of the university administration and the Deanship of Student Affairs for a large number of initiatives and achievements that reflect the interests of students and reflect the cultural and intellectual diversity of students, where the university embraced students representing more than 75 nationalities.

Dr. Karim, during his tour of the exhibition, spoke with the students and representatives of the clubs and listened to a detailed explanation of each club, its objectives, ideas, and reasons for launching and plans.

Dr. Nahla Al Qassimi, Dean of Student Affairs, stressed that the students took the opportunity to express their joy over the 30 years of the establishment of this academic institution. They organized many events which embodied many ideas that represents the number 30, noting that booths of the exhibition are decorated with innovative designs, attractive colors, and expressive images that crystallized the names and different areas of clubs, which were distributed among the scientific and cultural clubs in addition to the clubs of talent and hobbies and communities.

Dr. Al Qassimi announced that the Student Clubs Fair witnessed the launch of the second edition of the Leaders Program after the success achieved in its first edition. This program, organized by the Deanship to meet the needs of students who want to learn new skills, provided they are ready to face the challenges of the real world, through a combination of exercises, lectures and workshops.

Dr. Nahla praised the great and active participation of the students in the success of the exhibition, and helped them to highlight their ideas through the different designs of each wing, which highlighted their talents, hobbies and cultures.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition lasted for two days, which created a great opportunity for all students to learn about student clubs and encourage them to participate in the formation of new clubs with innovative ideas.

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