Lina Ibrahim’s Google Creative Campus Experience

Lina Ibrahim’s Google Creative Campus Experience

As an extension to the prestigious Roger Hatchuel Academy, Lina Ibrahim our senior Advertising student, just arrived back from Mount View California, where she attended an exclusive conference and training at Google Headquarters.

Lina had the opportunity to meet leaders of the institution and industry. She was introduced to new technology, products, and features and learned about the process Google goes through when executing a project and creating a solution. She went behind the scenes to learn about the different departments and teams at Google, almost a city-like corporation. She even got access to the top-secret facility, Google X, dedicated to solve global problems with innovative, life-changing solutions and breakthrough technology.

For her own training, Lina was taught about recruitment processes including developing a powerful curriculum vitae and best conduct and practice in the interview scenario. Moreover, Lina and her team participated in a teambuilding exercise where they cooked a plate of risotto in The Google Kitchen!

Most importantly, Lina got exclusive lectures by Google masterminds on how to master creating the ‘killer insight and strategy’. She also learned about the principles of design and identity, driving growth with behavioral science, how to create a winning campaign and how to use storytelling in campaigns. Her skills, in the end, were put to the test where she had to solve a brief in less than 10 hours. She then got the opportunity to pitch the solution with her team to some of top Google creative leaders.

In addition to all the above, Lina took the chance to present her own work and get career advice from the world’s very best.

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