New PhD from AUS to help realize UAE economic goals

New PhD from AUS to help realize UAE economic goals

American University of Sharjah has announced the launch of its new doctoral program, a PhD in Engineering Systems Management.

The new program will fill demand for highly qualified systems management professionals and researchers in the Middle East, borne out of the region’s rapid economic growth. As major development projects are on the rise in the UAE, an increased number of individuals skilled in the field of engineering systems management will be required. The doctorate will provide engineers with the specialized knowledge required to oversee large-scale projects, combining technical engineering expertise with management skills. The program is truly multidisciplinary, with the following four main research areas that will help to achieve the UAE Economic Vision 2030 as well as regional goals for the present and for the near future: Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Construction Project Management, Smart Cities Management, and Engineering Management.

The university decided to launch the program following a clear need for trained engineers that are also well-versed in management. As the UAE and its neighbors undertake a number of nation-building projects, those responsible for leading such projects will be required to not only have technological and scientific qualifications, but also administerial and managerial savvy.

Dr. Richard Schoephoerster, Dean of the AUS College of Engineering, says:

“Those undertaking the PhD in Engineering Systems Management will develop a strong understanding of how to deliver a large-scale project, from commissioning and planning, to executing and operating. Students will also be given a firm grounding in the wider economic and environmental landscape in which projects are taking place. They will come to understand what it takes to build a ‘smart city,’ that is, cities which are designed and built with sustainability and resident needs considered first and foremost. Of course, building future cities that meet such needs is a priority of the UAE Government. Offering this program will therefore generate an increased number of professionals who are able to contribute to the government’s nation-building goals.”

The announcement regarding the new PhD program comes as AUS expands its research capability, offering an increased number of graduate programs and growing the research resources available to faculty and students.

AUS Chancellor Dr. Björn Kjerfve says:

“AUS is committed to becoming one of the Middle East’s leading research institutions, fostering research and development programs that have a real impact on communities, not just in the region but right around the world. Our research work focuses on generating close partnerships with business and industry, providing solutions that fulfill key social and economic needs. The Middle East is increasingly becoming an international destination for innovation. AUS very much wants to contribute to the region’s rise in this field, providing world-class research facilities and resources that attract the world’s best and brightest minds.”

The first students of the program will begin their studies in the upcoming fall semester. For more information, including how to apply, visit