Rediscovering The Secrets of Painting Landscapes by Merging the Contradiction Between Reality and Imagination

Rediscovering The Secrets of Painting Landscapes by Merging the Contradiction Between Reality and Imagination

Ghazali Moinuddin, An Artist from Jamia Millia Islamia, Central University, New Delhi, India.


Ghazali Moinuddin, an artist and a Fine Arts educationist, born in New Delhi, a proud father of two children and husband of a professional artist.


My Work My Passion

I am an artist and I have introduced art (landscapes) in a very innovative way, innovative because I merge the contradiction between reality and imagination through my landscapes. My strokes are abstract but they result in almost realistic landscapes. This creates a 3D effect with the change of light and distance. This makes my work unique and my paintings stand out from the rest. I have done many solo shows in various parts of India and introduced my art in a very different way. My work has always been appreciated. Basically, I am an impressionist artist. I never use paint brushes conventionally, instead I paint with ten brushes at a time which are my fingers! A lot of people ask me if I have preplanned layouts for my paintings.


My only preparation is my mood and nothing else. I only paint with my mood. In case there is planning involved, the painting gives a commercial look. I only paint for self satisfaction and project my inner feelings onto the canvas. This is the reason I enjoy my paintings even if I see them long periods after I have painted them.


“It is my belief that art emerges from imagination and it is not possible to make any layout of your imagination and for that reason I just play with colours on the canvas till I feel my painting is complete”.


In my opinion this is true art and for this reason each painting of mine is a masterpiece because it is unique and cannot be recreated even by myself. None of my paintings are inspired by existing works, there is no point of reference or influence and therefore each painting takes a long time to complete. I also believe that art should spread positivity and therefore all my paintings infuse a positive vibe to the viewer. Positive vibes are a result of innovation in the creation and people feel energized seeing it.



Academic Journey

I have completed my school education from Jamia Millia Islamia and my father is an Engineer who was an employee at Jamia too. Being an Enginieer he desired me to join the same field. I had opted for the science stream but the artist in me which had resided within since I was young pulled me away from Science and led me to join Fine Arts. It was only after joining Fine Arts that I realized that this was an even more challenging path I had taken as this field has greater challenges.


I had to work with boundations in BFA like the other students. My impressionsist artsist would emerge time to time but I was not allowed the freedom to break rules. I had to pay for this independent streak and lost marks many a times. But since my art style was naturally, I could not stop it. Finally when I was in the final year of my graduation, I got the opportunity to unleash my inner artist. I developed my natural instints in MFA and by this time I had also realsied that I had a long journey to complete and I began preparing myself for it from then on.


“I always wanted my work to be recognized not because of my signature on it but because of the uniqueness of the work itself. It took me 15 years of facing innumerable challenges and working hard relentlessly to be able to see my dream on its way to fulfillment”.


After MFA I enrolled myself in animation training as I saw an innovative streak in the field. But three months of training led me to realize that I was not a commercial painter and I reverted to painting which was my true calling. In 2003 I joined Jamia Millia Islamia and continued my paintings along with it.


This was the time I was fully occupied. I did my first solo show in Oil Colours in 2008 and it was very successful and was much appreciated. After that I switched to acrylic as it suited my temperament a little more. I did my second show in 2013 which was a grand success and was covered widely by media. 2014 saw my second solo show on the request of the Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia.


My fourth solo show and my most successful yet was organized in 2017. This was inaugurated by Ms. Salma Ansari, wife of former Hon’ble Vice President of India Mr. Hamid Ansari. This exhibition proved to be successful in every way, as one where my paintings got their highest value, and also where not only renowned artists but people from diverse fields such as bureaucrats, diplomats, ministers, art collectors, art galleries and other enthusiasts highly appreciated my work.


Future of Education

I faced many kinds of challenges on my journey as an artist. While challenges are a part of any journey I feel it is our duty to equip our students with the right kind of guidance that will assist them and help them make the most of their circumstances. Many a times I would contemplate whether I had chosen in the right career. There was no guidance that would initiate me into this field.


“I believe that there should be proper counseling provided to each student according to their abilities so that they can fully tap their potential. Every person has different talents and interest and must be encouraged and guided accordingly”.




Ghazali Moinuddin

Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, Masters in Fine Arts from Jamia Millia Islamia University and pursuing PhD.


PH: +91-9971449563

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