UD Hosts “4th Industrial Revolution” Workshop

UD Hosts “4th Industrial Revolution” Workshop

The University of Dubai (UD) hosted the “4th Industrial Revolution” workshop which was organized by Dr. Marcel Saucet in collaboration with the Center for Executive Development at UD (CED –UD) and Kedge Business School.

The event was attended by representatives from leading business enterprises and entrepreneurs in the fields of retails and marketing including Patrick and Anthony Chalhoub, CEO of Chalhoub group; Financial Director and IT Director of Chalhoub group, Chalhoub Group General managers of Wojooh, Level Shoes and Level kids, and the General Manager of Hermes; Marketing Director of Ralph Lauren, Wojooh, Ghawali and many others.

The workshop was moderated by Dr. Saucet and Michel Chalhoub who discussed the future of artificial intelligence in retail and street marketing.

During the workshop, an experimentation was conducted to demonstrate the growing effective role of artificial intelligence in the fields of business and retail. Attendees were asked to try out the different scents and fragrances of Chalhoub Group’s latest collection of Ghawali fragrances. Then an “artificially intelligent” software NESTOR Ai predicted their behaviors and personal characteristics by reading their facial expressions. Following this experience, the brand decided to implement the knowledge acquired in real operations in KSA, Dubai and Bahrain.

Dr. Saucet said during the conference that “the 4th industrial revolution (Ai, Drones, Nanotechnology, Big data, 3D printing, Chatbots …) is going to change radically the job world of event, sport, retail, luxury … 50 % of the jobs that we know today are going to disappear in the next 25 years. The new partnership and the new training programs that we are launching with CED – University of Dubai and Kedge business school are going to help managers adapt their career to this major transformation.”

Source : ud.ac.ae