UD Professor Develops a Corporate Social Responsibility Framework for the Technology Sector

UD Professor Develops a Corporate Social Responsibility Framework for the Technology Sector

Engineering Professor and Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Dubai Dr. Wathiq Mansoor presented his comprehensive vision on the implementation of Corporates Social Responsible Sustainable Technologies in the Technology sector.

He stated that advancement in technologies are so fast and their benefits to societies are enormous; however, a missing or forgotten factor is prominent. That factor is the social responsibility of this fast pace. “My vision is that the social responsibility should be the main drive for producing new technologies. This deficiency is mainly either due to lack of education or ignorance. So we need to focus on educating innovators and business leaders on putting society as a main drive for their businesses rather than just the maximization of the profits,” he said.

He added that all corporates still need a global Corporates Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that puts a proper framework for all corporates to use and leads to an efficient synergy in achieving sustainable technology social responsibility.

The proposed framework contains CSR, Innovation, and Sustainability. The relationship among them is shown in the following figure:

Dr. Mansoor has used this model to demonstrate the impact that CSR has on both innovation and sustainability, since the design of new technologies needs to take the CSR dimension into consideration. Similarly, the new technologies should be based on sustainability and CSR. Accordingly, he states three hypotheses; first, CSR has an impact on sustainability; second, CSR has an impact on innovation; third, sustainability has an impact on innovation.

He concluded that few corporates worldwide have somehow considered CSR in their innovations with small percentage of sustainability. Hence, his vision is to set up a solid framework that corporates could follow to achieve sustainable technologies with CSR as the main driver.

Dr. Wathiq Mansoor is a Professor at University of Dubai. He has an excellent academic leadership experience in well-known universities worldwide. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Aston University in UK. His doctoral work was on the design and implementations of multiprocessors systems and communications protocols for computer vision applications. He has published many research papers in the area of Artificial Intelligence, innovation in management, communication networks, Intelligent Systems, ubiquitous computing, web services, and neural networks. His current research is in the area of Artificial Intelligence, innovation in technology and management and smart cities focuses on Internet of Things and communications infrastructure. He has organized many international and national conferences and workshops.

Source : ud.ac.ae