University of Dubai Offers Courses to Teach the UAE Dialect

University of Dubai Offers Courses to Teach the UAE Dialect

The Center for Executive Development (CED) at the University of Dubai (UD) is preparing to start teaching Arabic in the UAE dialect and implementing six new training programs during the spring semester 2019. On 27th of this month, Al Ramsa Training Institute is going to launch its first teaching course in the UAE dialect for UD’s staff and faculty members.

CED’s new programs include four professional diplomas, the first in e-Commerce operations, the second in Data Analysis, the third in Human Resources and the fourth in e-Marketing.

UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki said that the center is very interested in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers in order to facilitate their daily lives and develop their professional abilities. He added that the University is working within a strategic plan to develop human capital in cooperation with the UAE government and private centers by devising training initiatives that are compatible with the UAE vision to provide the workforce with international learning opportunities. He also pointed out that the center designs and provides programs to aid the development of executive management, develop people’s necessary skills and knowledge, and meet the needs of different workforce actors by designing international workshops and professional certificates. Such programs would also help the center participate in the country’s initiatives of localization.

The first program in the field of e-commerce operations will start on January 21st and will run until May 13th. It will introduce the principles of electronic commerce, technology, design and promotion of trade using digital marketing tools such as social networking sites. The trainees will then receive a certificate from the university accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai (KHDA).

The second program, which will start in early February, deals with the analysis of Big Data. It aims to keep pace with the vision and mission of Dubai towards the application of smart services.

The third program of the Professional Diploma in Human Resources will be launched on February 13 and will last for 4 months. It deals with the principles of human resources as well as staff and management relations. This diploma is also accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai (KHDA).

The fourth program will be starting on March 19. It offers a professional diploma in electronic marketing and deals with various axes in the field of digital marketing.

The program of teaching Arabic in the UAE dialect will begin in the second half of February and will include the basics of Arabic language in business.

The Human Resources Management Program in Arabic, which is offered by the Center during spring semester, is accredited by the American Human Resources Authority which is a modern certificate that combines advanced learning experience with the understanding and implementation of human resources strategies and tactics. It provides an opportunity for trainees to acquire advanced skills offered by international practitioners in human resources and deals with 8 areas ranging from the control of the workforce to the strategic management.

Dr. Vidya Nandagobal, Director of CED, said that the university is one of the initiatives of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has established the Center since 2005 and since its establishment has contributed to the training of approximately 7,000 employees and professionals through strong links with business organizations in Dubai, the UAE and the GCC countries. The Center is dedicated to being the best in the field of training in the UAE and has been able to attract many ministries, government agencies and private companies in Dubai and is expanding its services to benefit trainees from the rest of the UAE.

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